"There are truly no words to describe Alison. She is more than a yoga teacher/practicioner. She is one of the kindest, most incredible teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Most of the work she did with me was functional strength training, Pilates, yoga and bodyweight-resistant training. She is a kind-hearted badass and a frigging rock star."

- Haven M.

"I sought out private yoga lessons with Alison after taking several of her power classes. Alison has a unique style that truly engages your heart, mind and body.  As someone who has been a runner for 30 years with extremely limited flexibility, Alison customizes our practice to meet me where I am while also pushing me to new levels.  She seems to know where my body (and mind) are at a given moment and serves up just the right mix of options and possibilities with grace and compassion. As a result of working with Alison, I feel much more balanced and stronger as an athlete, mom and working professional."

- Lisa S.


"I was lucky enough to join Alison for a semi-private yoga session. It was an absolute pleasure hitting the mat and getting our sweat on with Alison guiding us through our practice. Her love of yoga and passion for leading and improving her students' practice were evident from the very first pose to our final savasana. Alison's presence and dedication to creating a fun, challenging, and inspiring yoga session made for a wonderful experience. She tailors her sessions to meet the needs of the class/individual. Alison makes you sweat, work hard, and push your boundaries until you find yourself going deeper than ever or better yet, in a pose you once couldn't get into. I look forward to the next time that I am fortunate enough to join one of Alison's classes!"

- Carly M.


"Alison is an amazing yoga teacher. She leads a a strong and powerful class that transforms the mind and body. She is not afraid to challenge the class with a unique sequence and teaches from her heart.  You can feel her passion for yoga especially as Alison's authenticity is both on and off the mat."

- Robin S.