Best. Day. Ever.

What defines something as 'THE BEST'?

Does everything have to go your way for it to be the best? Do all the pieces have to fall into place? And what if they don't? Does that instantly turn the best into the worst?

Today, I declared it to be THE. BEST. DAY. EVER. Once you make a declaration, then it is out there for the universe to embrace. Knowing that my intention is out there, I'll walk around a little taller and feel a little brighter knowing that I want an amazing day. 

But what's ironic is that despite my declaration, I found myself falling into the common daily traps of doubt and frustration.

I taught a new class today and felt so great about encouraging my students to have the best day ever. Everyone left class with big smiles, which filled my heart. Five minutes later I thought, "Darn, I wish I had time to do for the class to do a final inversion." There it was. Doubt.

Then I came home and noticed that the house really needs tidying, which isn't something I want to do on a sunny Saturday. There it was. Frustration. 

So, now what? 

Well, here's what: Today is still the best day ever. Any day can be the best day ever. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. " 


I'm going to smile a lot today - even more than I normally do (and I'm a smiley person). I'm going to make sure to smile at the things that don't matter and send love to those who I think need a little extra boost today.

What are you going to do to make today your best day ever?